The Stock Market

Stock Market or Equity Market as it is otherwise known, simply put is a market place, for the buying and selling of shares of different companies that are listed in the market, including privately traded stocks. Places like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Amsterdam Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, etc.

The general conception of it being an exclusive place for some special breed of people like millionaires, bankers, insurers, stock brokers and foreign exchange marketers, espacially when figures are quoted in several millions, can scare away an average and low income earner from investing.

A lot of average and low income earners like me and you, have a strong desire to invest, but we get discouraged and paralysed by fear beacuase of the lack of simple investment plan, investment formula plans,   information, and such we give up because of lack fore knowledge of where our investments can actually strive.

As such the aim of this site is to bring to you simple ideas and explainations which will make your introduction to financial investments as easy as possible by providing information, news, quotes, reports, resources, charts, analysis, formula, including the steps to take in order to invest.

The best and the most viable stocks can be uncovered and exposed through simple analysis, information and formula that even a layman can understand.

This website is your guiding tool for implementation, every page is simple, informative, definitive, incisive, computative and decisive. My aim is to present information in a way that even a layman can understand and be able to use effectively.

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To understand the market the first step is for you to learn and understand stocks...
Stock Broker
A stock broker is a person whose business is buying and selling of companies stocks and shares.
Advantages of stocks
There are many advantages of stocks some which are...
Stock market formula
Learn how stock market formula can put you, in a position to profit to some extent from any market upswing, and to provide some protection during every decline.
Stock Market Information
If you want to succeed in the stock market business you have to lear how to get and use stock market information
Capital Market
Learn all about the capital market...
Public offer
public offer is an invitation to the general public to partake in the stock holding status of the company by...
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Public offer factors to consider before investing in an open offer
Learn about some Public offer factors which are necessary to ascertain the viability of a public offer and enables you to know if to invest or not.
Find a stock broker
Get info and tips that will help you find a stock broker that is right for you.
Stock market software
Learn how to choose and get the most out of your stock market software
Stock Index
Learn about stock index...
Stock Trading Option
The Importance and the Mechanics of Stock Trading option
Stocks and the market
Get all the answers about stocks before you start investing
Stock Market Crash
The Stock Market Crash - An Important Historic Lesson
Stock Prices
When you're looking at stock prices, you should be looking at more than the dollar figure.
Stock Market Quote
What is a stock market quote?
Stock Trading
Learn the motives and outcome of stock trading
Stock Ticker
stock ticker
Stock Symbols
What are Stock Symbols?
Research stock
Increase your Odds of Winning - Research Stock before investing
Become A Stock Broker
Learn how to become a stock broker
Stock Split
Understanding the Stock Split
Online Stock Brokers
The advantages of of online stock brokers
Stock Market History
All about the stock market history
Stock Market Information
As a stock trader it is important to have acess to reliable stock market information, learn how....
Stock Market History
Stock Market History is full of interesting and useful information
Online Stock Trading
Learn how to start Online Stock Trading for you Convenience and Control
Stock Market Reports
Learn how to use stock market reports to grow your investments
Stock Market Holidays
Learn the different days that are set aside as stock market holidays
Stock Market Formula Plans
Stock Market Formula Plans will help protect your investments and keep surprises at minimum
Stock Market History
The Surprising Role Of Stock Market History
Investing In Stocks
Start investing in stocks
Online Stock trading
Take a look at the basics of the practice, and at some of the ins and outs of online stock trading.
Stock Trading
How To Start Stock Trading in 3 easy steps
Stock Brokers
There are different types of stock brokers...
Stock Market Formula Plans
Stock Market Formula Plans
Stock Market Resources
Stock market resources and links to other websites related to the stock market, finance, investments etc
Submit Articles
Submit articles on Stock market here
Stock Market Articles
Here you will find informative, educative and inspirational stock market articles
Stock Trading Options
Learn how to use stock trading options as protective contracts-they protect either before or after a stock commitment.
Stock Market Sitemap
Use this stock market sitemap to find all about stock market
Stock Market Books
you will learn a lot from these stock market books
Stock Quote
stock quote
Privacy Policy
Privacy policy for
Terms of use and Disclaimer
disclamer and terms of use for
Making Money from the Stock Market
The 12 Rules of How to Avoid Losing and Start Making Money from the Stock Market
All about stock market Xpress ezine
All about stock market Xpress is an ezine from that offers all the stock market info, tips, formulas etc
American Stock Exchange
american stock exchange is one of the oldest of the major U.S. stock markets...
NASDAQ was the first electronic stock market in the world...
Nyse also known as the New York Stock Exchange is one of the stock markets that can also trace its beginnings back into early American history...
Stock Exchange Holidays
Stock Exchange Holidays for 2007 - 2011
Become Stock Broker
The 7 Minutes Guide on How to become a Stock Broker, is a free ebook that gives you the much needed information on how to become stock broker.
London Stock Exchange
The London Stock Exchange accepts various methods of trading and has even some trading software from third parties...
Stock Market Indicators
stock market indicators are predictions that are supposed to give clues on future performance of stocks based...
Free Stock Market Search Engine Results
If you can't find the stock market information that you need on our site, simply enter your search term for more free stock market search results
Stock Market News
I have set up an automatic stock market news update system for you here, that will regularly update with the latest information.

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