Stock Market

Stock Market or Equity Market as it is otherwise known, simply put, is a place, for the buying and selling of shares of different companies that are listed in the market, including privately traded stocks, options, futures, Obbligations, Bonds, Treasury Bills etc

Places like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Amsterdam Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, etc. 

All About Stock Market 

The general conception of it being an exclusive place for some special breed of people like millionaires, bankers, insurers, stock brokers and foreign exchange marketers, espacially when figures are quoted in several millions, can scare away an average and low income earner from investing.

A lot of average and low income earners like me and you, have a strong desire to invest, but we get discouraged and paralysed by fear beacuase of the lack of simple investment plan, investment formula plans,   information, and such we give up because of lack fore knowledge of where our investments can actually strive.

As such the aim of this site is to bring to you simple ideas and explainations which will make your introduction to financial investments as easy as possible by providing information, newsquotesreportsresources, charts, analysis, formula, including the steps to take in order to invest. 

The best and the most viable stocks can be uncovered and exposed through simple analysis, information and formula that even a layman can understand.

This website is your guiding tool for implementation, every page is simple, informative, definitive, incisive, computative and decisive. My aim is to present information in a way that even a layman can understand and be able to use effectively. 

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