Online Stock Trading 

Before the advent of the internet, there was no possibility of online stock trading. Buying and selling of equities then, was always carried out through the use the services of one of the larger stock brokers, with minimum investments, minimum purchase orders and careful management of your investment portfolio.

Advantages of Online Stock Trading 

Thanks to the Internet, today this has changed dramatically. With online trading you gain a wide variety of benefits. One of the wonders on the Internet is that it is open 24-hours a day. Add to that the fact that somewhere around the world a stock market is open 24-hours a day and it is not difficulty to see how you can combine access to the Internet with access to discount stock markets around the world to trade in discounted stocks as and when you please. 

Moreover, with online stock brokers usually charging you less for their services, it is now easier to have access to both mainstream and exotic stock markets without having to break the bank in commission fees. All of which means that it is now easier for educated stock traders to now have extremely diverse discounted trading portfolios. 

Typically online stock brokers’ commissions are less expensive than the commissions charged by real world brokers. As a result, it is possible to stock trade today at a considerable discount to the cost that was previously charged. Minimal Account Balances Unlike previously, for as little as $500- you can now stock trade in any US market. 

Consequently, it is possible to trade in the discount stock of today that could well be the Fortune 500 company of tomorrow! No minimum purchase. Most online stock trading doesn’t require a minimum purchase of stocks. As such, provided the stock bid price is not higher, you can buy stock for as little as $1 or less! With no minimum purchase also comes the ability to discount stock purchase to your heart’s content! 

Penny Stocks has also given millions of new traders’ access to discount trading in what are known as ‘penny stocks’. Penny stocks are usually stocks that are worth less than $5- and, because of the previous stock brokers’ high commission fees, minimum balances and minimum purchase orders, were not a popular investment choice before the ability to online discount trade. 

However, with today’s easy access to the Internet, trading in discounted stocks, such as penny stocks, has boomed and this has now become a profitable way for new stock market investors to stock trade without losing the shirt off their backs! Indeed, with easy access to exotic cheap stocks available in stock markets around the world, much lower stock brokers’ commission fees, no minimum purchase requirement, and easy access to discounted stocks in the domestic markets, discounted online stock trading has resulted in one of the biggest booms ever in stock market trading.

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