Stock Exchange Holidays

Having an established dates of stock exchange holidays helps those actively involved in stock trading to know when and how orders will be placed if a stock market holiday is coming up.

The following list stock exchange holidays of are recognized in the United States and stock markets are closed with no trading and no activity on those days.

New Year's DayMonday, 1st January 2007
Martin Luther King DayMonday 15th January 2007
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday 19th Febuary 2007
Good FridayFriday, 6th April 2007
Memorial DayMonday 28 may 2007
Independence DayWenesday 4th July 2007
Labor DayMonday, 3rd September 2007
Thanksgiving DayThursday, 22nd November 2007
Christmas DayTuesday 25 December 2007

New Year's DayTuesday, 1st January 2008
Martin Luther King DayMonday, 21st January 2008
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday, 18th Febuary 2008
Good FridayFriday 21 April 2008
Memorial DayMonday, 26th may 2008
Independence DayFriday, 4th July 2008
Labor DayMonday, 1st September 2008
Thanksgiving DayThursday 27 November 2008
Christmas DayThursday, 25th December 2008

New Year's DayThursday, 1st January 2009
Martin Luther King DayMonday, 19 January 2009
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday, 16 Febuary 2009
Good FridayFriday 10 April 2009
Memorial DayMonday, 25 May 2009
Independence DayFriday, 3 July 2009
Labor DayMonday, 7 September 2009
Thanksgiving DayThursday 26 November 2009
Christmas DayThursday, 25th December 2009

New Year's DayFriday, 1st January 2010
Martin Luther King DayMonday, 18th January 2010
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday, 15th Febuary 2010
Good FridayFriday 2nd April 2010
Memorial DayMonday, 31st May 2010
Independence DayMonday, 5th July 2010
Labor DayMonday, 6th September 2010
Thanksgiving DayThursday 25th November 2010
ChristmasThursday, 25th December 2010

Martin Luther King DayMonday, 17th January 2011
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday, 21st Febuary 2011
Good FridayFriday 22nd April 2011
Memorial DayMonday, 30th May 2011
Independence DayMonday, 4th July 2011
Labor DayMonday, 5th September 2011
Thanksgiving DayThursday 24th November 2011
ChristmasMonday, 26th December 2011

New Year DayMonday, 2nd January 2012
Martin Luther King DayMonday, 16th January 2012
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday, 20th Febuary 2012
Good FridayFriday 6th April 2012
Memorial DayMonday, 28th May 2012
Independence DayWednesday, 4th July 2012
Labor DayMonday, 3rd September 2012
Thanksgiving DayThursday 22nd November 2012
ChristmasTuesday, 25th December 2012

New Year DayTuesday, 1st January 2013
Martin Luther King DayMonday, 21st January 2013
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday, 18th Febuary 2013
Good FridayFriday 29th April 2013
Memorial DayMonday, 27th May 2013
Independence DayThursday, 4th July 2013
Labor DayMonday, 2nd September 2013
Thanksgiving DayThursday 28th November 2013
ChristmasWednesday, 25th December 2013

New Year DayWednesday, 1st January 2014
Martin Luther King DayMonday, 20th January 2014
President's Day (Washington's Birthday)Monday, 17th Febuary 2014
Good FridayFriday 18th April 2014
Memorial DayMonday, 26th May 2014
Independence DayFriday, 4th July 2014
Labor DayMonday, 1st September 2014
Thanksgiving DayThursday 27th November 2014
ChristmasThursday, 25th December 2014

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