Stock Market Information

Getting and using stock market information.

If you really want to succeed in the stock market business, you have to gather, learn, the formulas and utilize every bit of stock market information at your disposal, like 50 day moving average, Williams %R indicator, charts, stock market holidays, stock market history, company, quotes etc.

And for the necessity of making the right investment decisions, it is of utmost importance to be able to analyze information, learn investment formula's, because information analysis influences right decision making and the right step to take in crucial times. It may be expensive and time consuming but the future of your investment depends on it.

You can get and use stock market information...

  • From company performance in business journals and magazines.
  • Through company end of year's reports.
  • From business manuals and newsletters. If you search the internet you will find promotions like:
  • From the stock exchange pubication of daily official lists, daily summary weekly stock market report and monthly stock review.
  • Attending investment seminars and symposia.
  • Studying technical analysis critically in order to make a wise decision. This analysis can be found in business magazines or business investment sites e.g 10 best quoted stocks etc.
  • From stock broking firms, financial houses, banks etc.
  • From auditors and accounting firms.
  • Studying all the sectors of the economy in stock reports of business times in order to invest in as many viable sectors of the economy as possible.
  • Monitor what goes on in the money market, Bank's interest rates, rediscount rates, inter bank rates,etc.
  • Look at the past pattens of the company stocks and use them to predict future events.
  • Reading and discuss company's financial quaterly, bi-annually and annually reports with friends and colleagues with similar interests
  • You can aslo get Trade Signals that can help you trade like a pro
  • Pay special attention to business news, market information, interviews with company executives, launching of new products etc.
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